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Radio Show: Dropping In

Drop In to the dream of becoming an author. How does the book publishing business actually work? If you’re ready to tell your story, what’s the best way to do it? Do you need help crafting this tale? What about workshopping – is that helpful? When are you ready to show your work to a developmental or copy editor? The time may be now.

If you’ve finished your manuscript, what are the next steps? Place your book in the context of the marketplace and decide, who is your audience? What’s the best platform to publish your work? Podcast, electronic or paper bound book? Are you well-versed in developing your book proposal? That means having your agent pitch down. Once you’ve secured an agent, what’s the optimal venue to get your book published, with all the support it needs to be seen and heard in media outlets? Whether through traditional, hybrid, indie presses, or a combination, we’ll bring you the experts in the fields of book coaching, agenting, editing, legal advice, publishing, and publicists, plus resources on the craft of writing. No matter what route you take, your best bet is to get educated. Drop In to how stories are made.

In the end, we’ll all become stories.

(Summary by Margaret Atwood)

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martha reaves

"I love the interview, and the people who have heard it have been quite complimentary about it. Thanks for having me."


Martina Reaves
I'm Still Here

J. Elle headshot

"Wow, just Wow!"

J. Elle, Author of Wings of Ebony

Jen Hutchinson headshot

"This was an extraordinary experience of professionalism and beautifully prepared radio journalism Diane. I've now listened to the interview. It's good. Very good. Thank you."

Jen Hutchinson, author of Motherling: A Walk

Seth Gillihan headshot

"It was a great conversation and I really appreciated Diane's questions and kind comments about our book."

Seth Gillihan, PhD
Co-Author with
Dr. Aria Campbell-Danesh
of A Mindful Year: 365 Ways to Find Connection and the Sacred in Everyday

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Debra Thomas novel book cover

"Diane, your questions helped me think about my book in new ways. Thank you for this amazing opportunity!"

Debra Thomas, author of Luz, A Novel

Celeste Viciere headshot

"Had an amazing conversation with @dianedewey on her podcast about everything mental health ...❤️ "

Celeste Viciere, Author of Relationship Goals & 365 Days of Intentional Living

Rita Dragonette headshot

"What an interview, Diane. Your questions were insightful and distinctive. It's clear the book spoke to you and I really appreciate how skillfully you teased out a discussion that will allow it to speak to your listeners as well."

Rita Dragonette, author of The Fourteenth of September

Fixing the Fates

Published by She Writes Press

Gulf Coast author Diane Dewey writes a memoir of family secrets, lies, love, and redemption. Adopted in America from a German orphanage, she met her Swiss biological father at age forty-seven after he searched for her. The impact of uncovering these roots was Diane's quest to find her German biological mother and learn her story. These discoveries reverberated throughout her life in myriad unexpected ways.

Now available on audiobook from Amazon!

Listen to a short sample of the audiobook "Fixing the Fates" by Diane Dewey.

Dropping In

To Find Our Common Threads

About Diane

Diane Dewey is the author of the 2019 award winning memoir, Fixing the Fates, published by She Writes Press. She’s contributed articles about living as an adoptee and questioning one’s identity in over twenty on-line journals. Diane’s education includes a BA at Villanova University, a certificate from The Art Institute of Philadelphia, and an MS in Mental Health Counseling from Capella University. She’s worked for the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and The National Academy in New York, then founded her own art appraisal business, The Realization of Art. Throughout, Diane attended writing courses at New York University School of Continuing Studies and Eckerd College, and participated in writing workshops worldwide to attempt to discover her own voice. In January 2020, Diane began conversations with other communicators on Dropping In, her radio show / podcast on voiceamerica.com.

Until the lion learns to write, every story will glorify the hunter.

African Proverb

Diane Dewey at the National Arts Club, sharing her compelling story of truth and lies from "Fixing the Fates." Soon to be in audiobook!


To reach me, or to order a copy of my book directly, please contact me here.

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