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Fixing the Fates

Published by She Writes Press on June 4, 2019

Gulf Coast author Diane Dewey writes a memoir of family secrets, lies, love, and redemption. Adopted in America from a German orphanage, she met her Swiss biological father at age forty-seven after he searched for her. The impact of uncovering these roots was Diane's quest to find her German biological mother and learn her story. These discoveries reverberated throughout her life in myriad unexpected ways.


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Diane Dewey interviewed on WFLA TV June 24, 2019 - Fixing the Fates

Equal parts memoir and mystery, Diane Dewey’s Fixing the Fates is an unflinching account of one woman’s exploration of the secrets surrounding her birth and international adoption in postwar Germany. Dewey’s vivid characterizations and finely honed descriptions will captivate readers as she navigates the unexpected detours in her personal history to discover the truth about her birth parents and the family forces that have shaped her. This page-turner is a fresh and fearless take on the modern memoir, brimming with conflict and compassion—a must-read!

--Kristen Harnisch, International bestselling author of The Vintner’s Daughter and The California Wife

Diane Dewey’s Fixing the Fates: An Adoptee's Story of Truth and Lies is a remarkable story of family secrets and the turmoil that follows when those lies are unraveled. Dewey’s writing is vivid, honest, and transportive, her search for answers is inspiring and intriguing, and the lessons learned are powerful. Life, indeed, is unpredictable.

~ Dinty W. Moore, author of Between Panic & Desire

Personal journeys of discovery are never easy, always deliver unwelcome surprises, and though they may bring relief at finding the truth, they certainly deliver a new set of issues now to be dealt with. This is a troubling story in many ways but one that deserves to be told. The author is to be commended for her honesty, frankness, and willingness to share her story with us.

- Nonfiction Authors Association Book Awards Program

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I want to emphasize that it is not only the telling of this progression to the authentic self and relationships with family, but the way Diane writes about it which makes this book so special.

Hers is a story of Diane’s parents coming together from different countries and backgrounds to create the person who is Diane.

One theme that needs to be emphasized is that of secrecy in adoption and how near misses, which occur more often than we would like to admit, are such an unnecessary part of adoption as it was practiced in the past and is sometimes still practiced today.

--Nancy Verrier

Reads like a spy novel. I finished it in two nights.

— Thomas Logue, Amazon Review

She had me in her grip from the opening pages. I felt like I was right there with her - sitting in her mother's kitchen. Family secrets and our parent's deceptions are world-changing for those of us who are trying to figure out "who we are”. Not only is her story fascinating, Dewey is an awesome writer who engages her reader while we crisscross the Atlantic as her tale unfolds. What I really took away from Dewey's tale was how she needed to decide the importance of actual historical events of her birth in relation to her identity. Are we our history or not? A fabulous read!

— Mary R, Amazon Review

Beautifully written, Dewey tells a story that resonates with truth. She has painted memorable pictures with words, brought her characters to life through carefully selected and crafted scenes and dialogue, and created lasting images that at times brought tears to my eyes. She is an author/ storyteller worthy of following.

— Gerri A, Amazon Review

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About Diane: Diane Dewey is the author of the 2019 award winning memoir, Fixing the Fates, published by She Writes Press. She’s contributed articles about living as an adoptee and questioning one’s identity in over twenty on-line journals. Diane’s education includes a BA at Villanova University, a certificate from The Art Institute of Philadelphia, and an MS in Mental Health Counseling from Capella University. She’s worked for the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and The National Academy in New York, then founded her own art appraisal business, The Realization of Art. Throughout, Diane attended writing courses at New York University School of Continuing Studies and Eckerd College, and participated in writing workshops worldwide to attempt to discover her own voice. In January 2020, Diane began conversations with other communicators on Dropping In, her radio show / podcast on voiceamerica.com.

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