“I really enjoyed how she was so open and honest about how she felt her closed adoption affected her, positively and negatively.”

“Overall, I wish I had read this book earlier because I had a friend in college who was adopted. I didn’t understand her fascination with her biological family and while I always tried to be supportive of her curiosity I really understand so much more why she felt that way now... reading Dewey’s story was really eye-opening for me.”

Book Review by Starring Pamela

“The shocking truths that emerge from the web of lies and deceit in which Diane finds that she has been enmeshed all her life are enough to keep the reader glued to their seat.”

“For those who wish to unravel the truth about their own lives, Fixing the Fates could serve as a guide for how to go about undertaking just such an activity. If you are a seeker after the emotional truth in relationships, this work could well be just the one for you.”

Book Pleasures Review

“Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for sharing this book. Very nicely written - beautiful story about an adoptee and her search for identity.”

5 star review from Maria

“Thanks to NetGalley and She Writes Press for access to Fixing the Fates, a fascinating memoir about an adoptee’s search for her birth parents and information about the circumstances that led up to her adoption. I find I am increasingly drawn to memoirs about adoption as I am an adoptee and often see my own experiences reflected in these books. "

4 star review from Carolyn C.

“Diane Dewey’s descriptive and enrapturing writing in Fixing the Fates transports the reader to various moments and places throughout her life. Her descriptions of her feelings, thoughts, and perceptions are vulnerable and vivid.”

““I highly recommend this book to adults in the adoption triad, but especially to adoptive parents as this is the angle from which I read the book. Diane not only shares her thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and experiences as an adoptee, but she discusses universal themes and best practices in adoption and mentions other important works, such as The Primal Wound by Nancy Newton Verrier and Adoption Nation by Adam Pertman.”

April 16, 2019 | Transfiguring Adoption

“The book Fixing the Fates, an Adoptee’s Story of Truth and Lies by Diane Dewey unveils a grown woman’s obsession with finding her identity. Dewey relates her surprise at the depth of ‘unknown emotional territory’ as she begins a difficult relationship with her biological father starting when she was forty-seven years old.”

“The truth of rejection hurts for a long time. Lies make us even more nuts, and Ms. Dewey had more than her share. Was Dewey’s situation unusual? What about you? Do you want to know your past? You may not.”

June 3, 2019 |Thrive Global

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